How to break-in the KHP leather

If the product fits both your fingers and your hand to your satisfaction, you can soften the leather quickly using a process similar to one called “wet molding.” Roll up the KHP and put it into a mug or short glass, as pictured above. Add lukewarm water until it covers the finger holes. Remember, that if the water is too warm for your skin, it is too warm for the leather.

Let the KHP sit in the water for about ten minutes, and then consult the video at this link:

After soaking, remove the product from the water, and put it on your hand. Make a fist to see how the KHP wants to lay between your fingers. Sometimes the space between the fingers splits right down the middle, sometimes it acts differently. It can be comfortable either way. Make a fist several times. If after performing this step your KHP feels the way you want it to feel, wear it until it dries, about 1 hour. Don’t lift weights until it dries. If this doesn’t soften them enough for you, move to the next step while they are still wet.

Remove the product and roll the finger portion up tightly, see the video above. Then work it between your hands as if you were rolling a snake out of clay. Provide maximum disruption to the finger holes with minimal disruption to the hand hole. You can also crease the leather between the finger holes to help establish your preferred fit. Then put the KHP back on and wear it until it dries, about 1 hour. Do not lift kettlebells until it dries.

This process will break in your KHP very fast. You should have a product that feels properly worn in and soft like an old baseball glove in no time.