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RAW™ Backpack Insert [preorder]




This ballistic, backpack insert is NIJ3a rated.  It will stop pistol bullets and measures 15 inches by 11 inches.  It will fit into most backpacks, and it is shockingly thin.  At less than 1/4 inch thick, it’s strength is incredible.  Also, it is totally unfinished, which gives it a very discreet, off-white appearance.  No skull and crossbones or helmet to raise eyebrows.  It’s off white appearance could be mistaken for a stack of card stock.  It is extremely rigid which provides for use as a defensive shield as shown in the crowddefense youtube videos.

You will be charged immediately, and shipping will take place as soon as possible.  The current estimate is for shipping to take place in mid July.  You will be provided with an opportunity for a refund according to our terms.

This insert is currently for sale in the US only.  Coyotl.com will not engage in any transaction that requires illegal exportation.  The customer certifies that: the purchase does not require Coyotl.com to export prohibited items; the customer does not intend to export prohibited items or furnish, transfer, or sell such items to any foreign person or embargoed country; the customer will not engage in any unauthorized transaction concerning such items.

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