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This COYOTL Needs Analysis Consultation will provide you with an opportunity to have your creative concept and business objectives addressed by an experienced person.

The goals for this consultation are:

– Save you time and money.
– Help you move forward with more confidence.
– Help you figure out which professional services you need.
– Provide you with ideas on how to get those professional services for a low price.

You should leave the consultation with a better sense of how to move forward and a better sense for the timing of purchases you may need to make in order to advance your business while protecting your name, know how, and ownership.

The purpose of the consultation is to help you get the information you need to make your own decisions and move forward with a more well designed sense of purpose.

This COYOTL Needs analysis Consultation features instruction from Matthew Nolan.  Matthew Nolan is an attorney.  Separate from the practice of law, he is a business consultant and the founder of COYOTL.com. This COYOTL Consultation is offered by Nolan Consulting LLC.  The strategies outlined in the webinar were used by Matthew Nolan to crowdfund and start COYOTL.com.

This COYOTL Consulting webinar by Nolan Consulting LLC will not feature legal advice and will not result in forming an attorney-client relationship with Nolan Law PLLC or Matthew Nolan. To protect your business and legal interests, do not send confidential or sensitive information to Nolan Law PLLC, COYOTL.com, Nolan Consulting LLC, or Matthew Nolan because that information will not be treated as confidential.  By communicating with these parties or purchasing this consultation, you give informed and written consent that (1) no information disclosed will prohibit Nolan Consulting LLC, Nolan Law PLLC, COYOTL.com, or Matthew Nolan from representing any client in the same matter and (2) the information communicated can be subsequently used by those parties.

The presentation is the property of Nolan Consulting LLC or COYOTL and is not to be reproduced or broadcast to non-paying listeners.

For questions related to this COYOTL Consulting webinar, contact Nolan Consulting LLC.

For legal questions, contact Nolan Law PLLC.

For questions related to other COYOTL products, contact COYOTL.com.

COYOTL is a U.S. registered Trademark

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