Welcome to the COYOTL blog!

This is the official blog of COYOTL. I apply the COYOTL spirit of cultural fusion and the elements of minimalism, functionality, and elegant design in various aspect of my life.  The main purpose of this blog is to share examples of products and services that KHP Leather Sheetalso possess these three elements.  Many of these were difficult to find. Since I sought these out to meet a personal need and actually use them regularly, I can provide guidance that should help you quickly determine if they are useful for you.  I will also keep you up to date on the latest COYOTL news, competitions, product offerings, and discounts.  The blog will feature products and services, insights into fitness and other demanding activities, and insights into “light and fast living.”

All featured products will be minimal, functional, and elegant.  Services and insights will be informed by the “light and fast” mentality. Many of the products will be made and sold by me, but some will be for sale by others.  I will make only positive reviews of things I am familiar with.  Please, check in once or twice per month to see if there is something here that can make pursuing your passions more comfortable and more effective.

Matthew Nolan, Owner and Manager of COYOTL